Crown Uniform & Linen Announces Expansion Into the State of New York

Crown Uniform and Linen, a premium uniform rental and linen service headquartered in Brockton, Massachusetts, and on the web at, is proud to announce the expansion into new territory. Last month, the company expanded its business with 42 North Group in Poughkeepsie, New York, and Fishkill, New York, which acquired Arlington Dental Associates. Crown will now service dental uniforms for 42 North Group in both New York State locations in addition to its 81 other locations across New England.
Ed King, Director of Sales and Marketing at Crown, said, “We are growing and there is a lot to be proud of throughout our sales organization. Over the last few months, not only has our team expanded, but we see that growth within our customers as well and we’re proud to have been able to hold up our standards of service.”  
Crown Uniform and Linen, which has been proudly serving New England since 1914, has expanded into Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire over the past several years. Its focus on the highest-quality cleaning, innovation inside its state-of-the-art plant in Brockton, Massachusetts, and sustainability has brought value to its customers — especially those in the healthcare industry (see:
The expansion into New York means that dental offices, healthcare facilities and others in the industrial and food services in the southeastern corridor of New York should consider switching to Crown Uniform and Linen for their uniform and linen service needs.
“We are very happy that Crown can provide the same uniform rental service to our New York dental offices. To have that same quality and service as those dental offices within our New England region is something we depend on. We trust and rely on their high-quality service while keeping us protected, and so do our patients,” said Cindy Feldman of 42 North Group.
Crown Uniform and Linen has invested over $18 million into its facilities and processes to earn accreditations from the HLAC and maintain the highest-quality industry standards. It is HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Certificate) and Hygienically Clean certified, which ensures that every garment is cleaned to the highest standards. Crown’s employees are certified in HIPAA and OSHA Smart Training. Crown Uniform and Linen has also earned the Clean Green certification through its sustainability mission.
Being the most highly accredited family-owned laundry in the Northeast, dental offices in Southeast New York will be able to count on Crown to deliver the cleanest linens and apparel as well as a level of service that won’t be matched by national competitors.
Source: Crown Uniform and Linen