Cross-Country Road Trip Fueled by Pandemic Boredom Inspires Alabama Author’s Debut Memoir

Many people took up new hobbies and learned new skills during the pandemic. Hawke Smith, who owns Vikare Publishing, decided to take a cross-country road trip to fight the pandemic blues.
“For most of my life, I’ve been caught up in the never-ending cycle of all work and no play. But, deep down, I’ve always wished to get away,” explained Smith.
Smith thought the opportunity to escape would never come his way. Until one day, he decided to drop everything and take a journey across the country. 29 Palms: An American Odyssey for True Love is the telling of that story.
“The book recounts my personal experiences on a journey of a lifetime. Mid-pandemic summer 2020 wasn’t the best time to take a trip, but it was the only time for me,” he said.
Along the journey, Smith picked up a ’69 Chevy Caprice that he bought from an old “mafia guy” in Maine. Smith gained far more than a classic car as he headed west. 
“At the beginning of the trip, I made a promise to a beautiful girl to go as far as my heart would carry me; only it all begins leading to her,” Smith said. 
“It’s the tale of an outsider trying to find his place in the world, dealing with loss and self-doubt, all while on a quest to find out what love truly is.”
29 Palms: An American Odyssey for True Love is engaging, intimate, and true to the heart — it’s a true modern-day American adventure story.
The book is available on Amazon.
About Hawke Smith
Hawke Smith was born in 1992 in Zanesville, Ohio. Smith is the father of two wonderful boys and founder of Vikare Publishing. Growing up, Smith was always fascinated and captivated by stories from all genres. He escaped the world through as many tales he could find over the years until the day came when he could make his own — when he hit the road and lived out the adventure story of a lifetime. 29 Palms: An American Odyssey for True Love tells that tale. It is the first episode in the saga of an aspiring world traveler.
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