Criminal defense attorney, Daniel Vaswani, of Red Metric Law, highlights the first night of the Republican National Convention

Nicki Haley, former U.N. Ambassador, is certain the civil unrest, particularly rioting, will worsen if democrats are elected. She fails to consider that with a change in police conduct, there would be one less catalyst to cause civil unrest. U.S. Senator, Tim Scott, insists that under a republican administration, we will live under more freedom—freedom to openly practice hate speech, that is, states Attorney Vaswani. Finally, Donald Trump Jr. is fact-checked after claiming the middle class, economic expansion, is soaring, particularly for Black and Hispanic Americans. Attorney Vaswani, urges viewers to really consider who they vote for this upcoming 2020 election.

“That’s why it is so tragic to see so much of the democratic party turning a blind eye towards riots and rage,” said a concerned Nicki Haley.

“We will live under more freedom. It looks like people today are more freely racist than we were in the past. There are various Instagram pages dedicated to various topics…People feel more openly capable of being racist. That is freedom. Well done,” stated Daniel Vaswani.

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