Credello: How to Avoid Your Instagram Feed From Making You Overspend This Holiday Season

Social media shopping is a relatively new phenomenon. But these days, Instagram is looking less like a social media tool and more like an e-commerce store. Whether you’re watching live or scrolling through posts, making a purchase on Instagram is easier than ever. So to help curb spending during a time when people already tend to splurge, here’s how to avoid your Instagram feed making you overspend this holiday season.
Set a Budget
It’s easy to overspend during the holidays, period. And that’s without the influence of social media shopping. As you would for your gift list, give yourself a reasonable budget for Instagram shopping. Knowing that you only have $100 to spend means you’re more likely to stay within that boundary.
If you’re working to pay off credit card debt fast, your budget for Instagram shopping might be $0. If that’s the case, be honest with yourself and temporarily enforce a no-spending rule until your debt is repaid.
Don’t Save Your Credit Card to the App
One or two-click shopping makes overspending too easy so adding in the extra step of entering in your card number each time can be enough of an inconvenience to curb overspending. This may mean you need to remove it from the app, but remove it as a saved card on your phone, too.
Limit Your Time in the App
The less time you spend on Instagram, the less opportunity you have to shop. That’s a no-brainer but it’s often easier said than done. Consider using a time-tracking app to limit how much time you can spend. You may also want to try leaving your phone at home when you go out. Standing in line or waiting for friends are prime times for scrolling but, with no phone in hand, you’re much less likely to turn that wait into a purchase.
Curate Your Feed
You can curate your Instagram feed to be what you want. Are you seeking fitness inspiration? Great. Set your feed up to follow fitness influencers who focus more on mindset than products. It can also be smart to follow some Instagram accounts that promote savvy financial decisions. If you scroll past a post about keeping spending in check, you may be less likely to press “buy” on the next one.
Delay Your Purchases
A good rule of thumb to stop impulse purchases is to leave items in your cart overnight. Once you literally sleep on it, you may be less inclined to buy the thing you thought was a “must-have” last night.
The Bottom Line
Instagram sometimes feels like a curated feed for shopping. And influencers want you to buy more of what they’re selling. But, to avoid overspending this holiday season, take small steps like removing your card from the app and your phone, limiting app time, curating your feed, setting a budget, and delaying purchases. These minor changes may be enough to save you money as you scroll through Instagram’s many temptations.
Source: Credello