Credello: 7 Things Millionaires Approach Differently From Others

Becoming a self-made millionaire requires mental fortitude, perseverance, and a great work ethic. People look at successful entrepreneurs and think they must have had a “lucky break” to get where they are. That may be true, but self-made millionaires do some heavy lifting to position themselves for those breaks. Here’s what their approach looks like: 
1. Keep Costs Low
No one builds a million-dollar net worth without being frugal about costs. People in this category don’t stress about how to pay off debt. They keep their expenses low, so they don’t get into debt in the first place. You can achieve this by eliminating unnecessary expenses and living below your means. Doing both is a good step towards building wealth.  
2. Prioritize Savings and Investments
Spending diminishes your net worth. Saving and investing build it. It’s a simple premise, but many of us struggle with it. The need to get that new pair of shoes or the next model gaming system outweighs the commonsense alternative of holding on to our money and letting it grow. That’s one of the things that separates the “haves” from the “have-nots.”  
3. Discipline Replaces Budgeting
Millionaires don’t use budgets. They don’t need to, and it’s not because they have more money than they need. The wealthy attain their status by being disciplined with their spending. That becomes a lifetime habit, eliminating the need to track expenses. If every purchase is weighed carefully and every contract negotiated for a lower rate, who needs a budget?  
4. Create Multiple Revenue Streams
No one gets rich by working one job. Self-made millionaires always have multiple revenue streams. For most of us, that means starting a side hustle, finding a second job, or investing in an income property. Remember, we’re using self-made millionaires as our reference point. Many of them started out in a similar position as you’re in right now.  
5. Be Intentional About Personal Growth
In colonial times, the affluent always had a library in their homes. It was partly for show and to collect books, which were valuable at the time, but most of these well-off individuals were also avid readers. The rich today rely on digital learning, constantly looking for ways to improve themselves. You should too. Learn to be intentional about personal growth.  
6. Learn From Adversity
Never settle for less because you think the world has passed you by. Netflix started as a DVD mail order service and almost went broke in 2000. Marc Randolph, their founder, wasn’t rich when the company started. Today, he’s worth over $100 million. He got there by facing adversity, learning new things to adapt, and overcoming obstacles.  
You Can Be a Millionaire Too
According to Dave Ramsey, there are roughly twelve million millionaire families in the United States. Yours could be one of them. Use the suggestions in this article as a blueprint and your life could change for the better. Even if you don’t reach the million-dollar mark, you’ll be wealthier than you are right now. Give it a try. Others have shown us the way.  
Source: Credello