Creately Expands With a New Visual Workspace, Unlocking New Efficiencies in Team Productivity

Creately, a leader in the diagramming and visual collaboration market, is applying its 12 years of learnings and experience to reimagine how teams communicate and collaborate with each other with the launch of its new Visual Workspaces.  

Creately’s new Visual Workspaces provide teams with a shared environment to visually brainstorm ideas, plan, execute and analyze work across multiple functions in organizations. This enables the centralization of team communication and promotes effective collaboration. 
In order to enable solving real-life, organizational problems through visual collaboration, Creately is expanding its core diagramming capabilities with scenario-specific functionalities. The focus areas include brainstorming ideas, running meetings, visualizing IT systems, designing products, driving sales productivity, facilitating online learning, and documenting research. 
While those users who have come to rely on Creately for its core capabilities of diagramming and collaboration can still continue to do so, “we redesigned Creately with a focus beyond drawing and diagrams to really deliver practical outcomes. Contextual features and diagram templates help teams naturally achieve better outcomes from brainstorming to organizing product or marketing teams,” said Chandika Jayasundara, Creately’s CEO.
Creately’s refreshed infinite canvas, easy-to-use toolsets, starter templates and highly contextual power features enable organizations to apply visual thinking and collaboration across functions. Problems such as increasing sales productivity or documenting research using a visual workspace ensure clearer communication and increased creativity as teams are able to see the big picture and the details in a single glance.
In July 2020, Creately added major new features to its product including in-app video conferencing and live mouse tracking to enable teams to succeed in the new reality of working from home, especially in terms of real-time collaboration. The success of these capabilities enabled Creately to grow aggressively throughout 2020, adding thousands of new customers to the platform. 
The transition to visual workspaces is a key step of a larger journey Creately is now heading towards. “Our core purpose is to help teams be their best creative selves by providing a visual platform to collaborate and understand each other. Staying true to that purpose, we are continuing to add advanced capabilities to help move work forward with an aim of making your Creately workspaces the central Visual command centre around the projects that you work on,” emphasized Chandika.
Creately is highly rated by its customers and was recognized by G2 as the Momentum Leader for Fall & Winter 2020, High Performer-Mid Market, High Performer-Enterprise, and Leader-Fall, and, most recently, was listed among the top 5 of the G2’s List of Best ANZ Sellers for 2021.
About Creately
Creately is a SaaS product used by over five million global users and thousands of leading businesses worldwide as a visual workspace for teams. For additional information, please contact Amanda Athuraliya at
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