COVID-19 Update – Temporary Visa Holders in and Outside Australia Don’t Panic

More than 2 million temporary visa holders have been trapped in the mess by global travel bans and border closings, Many of them will now need to apply for new visas or extensions to stay in Australia legally.

Temporary visa holders who living and working in Australia have been recognized as ‘most susceptible’ by migration agents in Melbourne who claim they have been swamped with “panic calls” after the Australian government closed its borders to all non-Australian citizens and non-residents.

• Over 2 million temporary visa holders have been stuck due to the latest travel ban by the Australian government
• If the current visa is ending, all visa holders must apply for a new visa or extend application before the current visa expires.
• Those who are outside Australia must not panic.

Many People are still in Australia and their visa is going to expired soon, they don’t have any choice but must apply for an immediate extension to avoid breaching any conditions.

Melbourne-based Immigration agent Mandeep Sidhu said “temporary visa holders should not panic as the Gov announces “special provisions” for all those who cannot travel in the challenge of the restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’re a visitor currently in Australia:

“Before expires current visa You must apply for a new visa. In most cases, visa holders will be granted a bridging visa that will permit them to stay in the country legally until the department of Immigration decides on their application,” said Mr. Sidhu.

He added that while applying, Mentioned the expiry date of their visa and attached the condition to their current visa. “If the condition is not attached to your visa, you can apply for a new visa provided your current visa is valid. And in case if ‘no further stay’ condition which includes 8503, 8534 and 8535 codes, you can request to waive this condition.

If you’re on a student visa in Australia and running out of visa:

“Students who have finished their courses can apply or renew for a student visa or apply for a subclass 485 visa and if there is no option, they can also apply for a visitor/tourist visa to extend their stay in the short term,” said Mr. Mandeep Sidhu.

In addition, those who don’t meet the study requirement or stages of stay under the regional programs for 485 subclasses (temporary graduate visas), the Department of Home Affairs states that they will “look at possible considerations on a case-by-case basis.”

If you’re currently outside Australia:

Those who are currently outside the country must adhere to the travel ban as they “unfortunately” could not travel to Australia until the restriction is lifted.

“For them, the advice is to stay wherever you are safe and get contact with the relevant consulate to and stay updated with news available on the Department of Home Affairs website,” said Mr. Mandeep.

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