COVID-19 Pandemic Spurs Interest in Backyard Basketball Courts

Basketball has become so popular in Australia it has overtaken traditional sports in some schools, like cricket and rugby, and junior leagues are struggling to keep up with the demand. But with lockdowns across the country keeping people at home, installing a home basketball court is growing in popularity, says DreamCourts.
A market leader delivering custom high performance outdoor courts, DreamCourts says enquiries are surging for people wanting to install a backyard basketball court. With both school and community sports off the cards for many young people across the country for the time being, a home basketball court is a way for enthusiasts to continue practicing the sport.
As DreamCourts explains, backyard basketball represents a fun activity the whole family can enjoy, especially during lockdown. A home basketball court encourages both children and adults to put down mobile phones and other electronic devices and get moving outside. Given the debate around screen time, having a feature at home that entices people to engage outside is particularly appealing.  
In Melbourne, a backyard basketball court is becoming a more popular choice than a swimming pool as the weather makes it a more worthwhile investment, explains DreamCourts. While a pool can only be used for a few months of the year, a home basketball court can be used most days. Basketball court backyard activities can also make a house a popular place for gatherings with family and friends when lockdowns permit.
According to DreamCourts, while many people might think they don’t have enough space, that’s often not the case. It’s about making the most of the available space. All courts built by DreamCourts are customisable in terms of shape, colour and design.
The courts created by DreamCourts utilise unique high-performance interlocked tiles which are bolted into the ground. Designed for performance, they feature increased shock absorption with high bounce quality and noise reduction. The courts are hard wearing, UV resistant and quick dry with no puddling, so they require no maintenance.
As the trend for basketball courts in suburban backyards continues to surge, DreamCourts says the bonus is that it can add value to a property, while bringing great enjoyment to the occupants.
To enquire about a backyard basketball court, contact DreamCourts directly.
Source: Dream Courts