Couple Invents Unique Product to Help Kids Safely Go Back to School

A married couple from Minnesota invented a new product to help their nephew keep his hands clean, and now they’re bringing that creation to the world. Ash and Chris Harder designed and developed their product, The Original Hand Sanimals, themselves during the pandemic, and it is already growing fast and resonating with parents (and celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kristen Bell, to name a few). They believe this is due to their “clean design” philosophy.
“We started with three qualities that must be present in the product,” said Chris Harder, co-creator of Hand Sanimals. “They must be accessible, comfortable, and educational. We think Hand Sanimals are all of those things and, on top of that, they’re pretty cute, too.”
The Original Hand Sanimals hold a small hand sanitizer bottle inside of a plush animal pouch that has a big smiling face and plush hands. The character pouch can be worn on the wrist with a fabric-covered snap bracelet or on a backpack or bag with the included bag clip.
The collection includes eight characters, all with unique names and personalities. Each Hand Sanimal shows their hands and features a blue paw, claw, fin or feather. “We designed the hands to be blue so they would be an easy icon for kids to remember and understand. Our light blue color means clean. When kids have their Hand Sanimal pal with them, they’ll always be reminded of keeping their hands clean wherever they go,” Chris said.
On the unique inspiration, co-creator Ash Harder said, “My sister-in-law told us about how hard this pandemic was going to be on parents after she struggled to teach our nephew to wash his hands, about understanding germs, and just keeping clean when he’s out in the world. So that gave us the idea that there should be a fun and friendly way to help kids learn about healthy habits that would benefit kids and parents both.”
According to, 35.5 million students attended elementary through middle school (K-8th grade) in 2019. Many of those students will be going back to in-person learning in the next few months.

“We’re really excited to continue creating products that help make scary or difficult things easier to deal with,” Ash continued. “Hand Sanimals are the beginning of that journey and we hope that they bring joy and comfort to families all around the world.”
For more information on The Original Hand Sanimals, reach out to Chris and Ash at Follow them @HandSanimals on Facebook and Instagram.
About Eighth & Acorn LLC; Hand Sanimals LLC
Chris and Ash have over two decades of experience in product development, marketing, and other creative efforts. Their company name is the street each grew up on when they were kids: Eighth St. and Acorn Ave.
Source: Hand Sanimals, LLC