CORSA PERFORMANCE Brings New Line of Performance Mustang Exhaust Systems to the Market

Hot on the heels of the newest Ford Mustang release, CORSA PERFORMANCE has announced its new line of premium performance Mustang exhaust components. The industry-leading manufacturer boasts an accomplished 20+ year history of supplying car enthusiasts with exhaust systems designed to bring more power. Next, it’s adding a slew of new performance exhaust products to an already sizable collection of Mustang parts to give drivers a boost in performance capabilities, more aggressive exhaust notes and a ride like no other.   
Aftermarket enthusiasts can expect the new line of Mustang exhaust systems to be available for pony cars with and without an active valve exhaust, ensuring every driver can get the best look, sound and performance. Additionally, each new Mustang exhaust system features: 
CORSA states that its brand-new aftermarket Mustang exhaust systems are designed with the same specialty performance features and unmatched reliability upon which the company has built its reputation. Each Mustang exhaust is manufactured to the highest quality standards, featuring a mandrel-bent, straight-through design to provide drivers with anywhere from 23.43 to 48 percent flow increase for boosts in horsepower, torque, fuel economy and throttle response potential. 
CORSA’s new Mustang exhaust systems also come standard with its patented No-Drone Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology – giving drivers an aggressive sound during start-up and acceleration with a drone-free cruise. Like all its Mustang performance parts, CORSA designs each system for a specific model and year to attain the desired balance of acoustics and performance.  
As a brand of TMG Performance Products, CORSA PERFORMANCE continues to uphold its legacy as a top innovator in the aftermarket performance parts industry. The Ohio-based company has specialized in the manufacture of premium exhaust systems since 1998 and began branching out to cold air intake systems in 2012, bringing the competitive edge needed to maintain its status as an industry leader. Using quality assurances built into every step of the manufacturing process, CORSA PERFORMANCE delivers consumer confidence and world-class customer service to drivers across the U.S. 
For all media or sales inquiries, please contact the CORSA team directly at (440) 891-0999 or (800) 486-0999.
Source: CORSA Performance