Corporate Venture Investor Joins Cimbria Capital to Accelerate APX10

APX10, a Nordic based SaaS company specialized in helping water utilities make valuable decisions based on its market leading asset management and big data analytics platform, data|APX®, today announced a partnership with Aliaxis Ventures by way of an investment agreement signed with private equity owner Cimbria Capital. Aliaxis Ventures – the corporate venture capital arm of Aliaxis, a multinational business specializing in pipe solutions with over 14,000 employees in 45 countries – possesses worldwide connections in water management markets and will assist APX10 expand internationally alongside Cimbria. Both Aliaxis and Cimbria integrate unique value-add initiatives to support water innovators like APX10 through a combination of capital, global networks, and customized growth programs.
APX10 provides advanced data analytics through its proprietary platform – data|APX®. The platform ensures that water utilities translate critical information into actionable insights for decision-makers aiming to optimize their water and sewage networks reinvestment. APX10’s data analytics platform is uniquely positioned to meet the digital transformation needs of European and North American water infrastructure markets. By its plug-and-play data sourcing, the platform maximizes value through utility costs savings, investment optimization, and optimized digital workforce.
“This new strategic collaboration with Aliaxis will help provide additional access to global water infrastructure markets. Based on our experience and growing market share in the Nordic markets we are eager to pursue opportunities in new markets where we together with Aliaxis can create actionable and sizable impact for water utilities,” said Ulrich B. Hansen, CEO of APX10. “Given the large industrial influence of Aliaxis, we are positive their involvement will prove valuable for water utilities seeking a digital solution for precision reinvestment priorities as well as being positive for our own growth ambitions.”
“APX10’s data-driven overview of network performance including financial and operational visualization is exemplary for the water industry,” stated Fabian Seunier, Head of Aliaxis Ventures who will join the board of APX10. “Thanks to APX10’s data analytics platform, the investments and maintenance in water piping networks can be better targeted, thereby increasing their impact on water preservation and on preventing water leakages and consequences of piping systems failures. APX10 offers a smart and easy-to-adopt analytical platform for water and wastewater utilities to rely on digital and data-driven decision support tools; and we are proud to collaborate with APX10 to support the deployment of their platform.”
“Since inception, Cimbria has prided itself on generating value for portfolio companies via its far-reaching networks and domain expertise in the Water Economy,” said Brian V. Iversen, Managing Partner of Cimbria Capital. “Aliaxis’ participation in APX10 is indicative that by merging financial and sector connections Cimbria can collaboratively accelerate the water-focused companies of the future.”
About APX10 A/S: APX10 is a SaaS company with core competences in the water and wastewater industries. The firm helps utilities make valuable decisions based on their proprietary digital asset management and big data analytics platform data|APX®.
About Aliaxis and Aliaxis Ventures: Aliaxis Ventures invests in innovative and collaborative companies active in solving water-related challenges. The firms support value creation for both startups and its own parent company, the Aliaxis Group – a global leader in advanced piping systems for building, infrastructure, industrial and agriculture applications. The company is privately owned, with its global headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.
About Cimbria Capital:Cimbria Capital is a private equity investment firm conducting growth capital buyout investments focused on the Water Economy in North America and the Nordics. Cimbria allocates capital to visionary companies and supports these businesses with operational expertise through its value-add Acceleration Program.
Source: APX10