Corporate Events Online Announces Major Product Version Release of StagePro

Corporate Events Online (CEO), a 15-year leader in video streaming and webcasting for the Fortune 1000, has announced a major version release of StagePro, its hybrid, virtual and extended-live event platform. The release continues CEO’s tradition of handling high-profile events and positions it to be a post-pandemic leader in the space. Jim Fiore, founder and CEO, commented on the industry’s evolution over the last two years and how the technology has become an overnight success a decade in the making.
Fiore explained, “We are proud to announce the major version release of StagePro with over 50 new capabilities. A portion of our industry has been conducting hybrid and virtual events for years, but that learning curve was forced on everyone when the pandemic hit. We embraced it as a way to help event hosts transition to engaging remote attendees. The product honors what our event colleagues need most: it is deployable in minutes, beautifully branded in one day, flexible to event structures, highly reliable, and simple to manage all the way through live, all without developers or custom coding.”
According to a number of recent industry publications and research, the post-pandemic event landscape will be a hybrid one, hosting both in-person and virtual attendees. Consumer expectations have irreversibly shifted to expecting an online option for the vast majority of events. The providers offering the technology to facilitate this have been growing rapidly, CEO being no exception with 100%+ year-over-year revenue and staffing growth.
Fiore commented further, “To say the devil is in the details is right. Many of the features we released are the type that will save a ‘can’t-fail’ event from exactly that fate—main and backup broadcast streams, multi-CDN and auto-scaling infrastructure. Event planners are turning to the more established providers after rough experiences with newer and less experienced entrants. Our focus was to double down on stability, reliability, redundancy and scalability, but still enable the fun side of events with elements like branding, audience interaction and broadcast-quality video. Only after securing rock-solid technology can the event host truly celebrate their brand and message.”
A major industry dynamic has been the desire of planners to differentiate their events from the pack. Fiore commented, “Bespoke, fully custom event sites are absolutely unique, but often take more time, money and testing than people have. Still, hosts want something more than a template. The balance to strike is the intersection between uniqueness, speed, and tested code. For example, we’ve made almost every feature in the audience view configurable; turn it on, edit it, or turn it off entirely. Incredible diversity in style and experience are possible for events running on the same backend.”
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Source: Corporate Events Online