Corefactors Launches Support Box To Make Customer Support Easier

Corefactors has announced its latest feature called Support Box. It promises to make customer support faster and efficient for its customers.

The feature is currently in the beta version and will be available to customers who are already using Teleduce.

Some of the important features of Support Box as said by Corefactors are, Auto-ticket assignment to support teams – Based on the topic selection, Ticket transfer between teams, Create multiple SLAs based on the topic, SLA breach notification to the team lead, Overdue ticket filters – Unassigned ticket overdue, FRT, Resolution overdue, Unread activity notification/reminder.

Apart from these important features, Support Box aims to help in resolving the issues relating to Ticket Creations, Auto Notifications, SLAs and Escalations, Inbuilt Calling, SMS, Email, Transfer Tickets, Dependent Dropdown Fields, Easy Customization, Complete History, Quick Dashboards, and Multiple Filters

Corefactors says effective customer support management has to be your key business objective. Especially at a time where the market is shifting towards customer-centric from process-centric.

Companies having good customer support are more likely to get repeated business from their customers leading to even bigger sales and profits.

But companies that have poor customer support have a strong chance of losing customers. It costs a lot more for a company to attain a customer than to keep them happy and secure.

The Corefactors announcement is the latest case of software makers integrating customer support with sales and marketing. It aims to provide seamless customer support and resolve customer problems faster.