CopperSmith® Launches New Website With 3-D Rendering Tool in 4K

The company expects the new technology to appeal to manufacturers globally who seek to partner with CopperSmith to serve its growing customer base. These partnerships will allow manufacturers to take products to market quickly, efficiently and at a significantly higher margin than many of their current distribution chains. 
“The expectation to customize luxury products is nothing new. The technology is now here to bring that experience online in a way that serves the customers in a profoundly more efficient and effective way,” said CopperSmith Founder and President, Ryan Grambart. 
Since launching the original platform in 2015, the company has experienced explosive growth with over $30 million in booked projects and 111% increase year-over-year in trade partnership growth. The company looks to continue its growth within the $158 billion addressable kitchen and bath market (source: KBIS Research).
The technology was inspired by its customers’ desire to be able to design their own products and visualize them in real-time. This strategic advantage paired with the company’s strong OEM partnerships worldwide plays into the company’s aggressive strategy: aggregate the fragmented and localized custom metal work industry with a niche platform that offers a larger selection of finishes, designs, and specialized fabricators. 
About World CopperSmith
Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Minneapolis, World CopperSmith’s vision is to build the world’s leading custom metalwork platform. It aims to provide the world’s best shopping experience of custom metal products through superior design, innovation, and strategic partnership. For more information, visit 
Source: World CopperSmith, Inc.