CoolSculpting Elite is the Newest Innovation in Fat Reduction, Taking the Popular Fat Freezing Treatment to the Next Level

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest advancement in nonsurgical fat reduction. According to Akhil Patel, physician and owner of Skin Suite RX, “CoolSculpting Elite takes the popular fat freezing treatment to the next level.” Dr. Patel believes the new treatment will be warmly welcomed by his existing patients who want “to reduce stubborn bulges, quickly, efficiently, and for good, without the invasive procedure and lengthy downtime associated with liposuction.”
As a premier provider of CoolSculpting, Skin Suite RX is among a select group of facilities chosen by Allergen, the makers of CoolSculpting Elite, to introduce this new treatment to the market. This further upholds the reputation of Skin Suite RX as the leading body contouring facility in Chino, California.
During a treatment with the original CoolSculpting machine, an applicator, outfitted with cooling panels, isolates a fat deposit and exposes the stubborn bulge to precisely controlled cooling. The cooling commences cryolipolysis, the scientific process of cold-induced fat cell death. Fat cells are essentially frozen. They are then processed out of the body as waste. Once fat cells are eliminated from the body, they do not grow back. This leads to long-lasting results.
CoolSculpting Elite follows the same mechanism of cryolipolysis. It just enhances the fat freezing process. “Bottom line,” says Dr. Patel, “CoolSculpting Elite offers faster treatments and better results.”
Dr. Patel notes the numerous improvements with the revamped machine. “CoolSculpting Elite features next-generation technology for more effective fat freezing. This includes re-engineered applicators, larger cooling panels, and the application of two applicators during a single treatment.”
The original CoolSculpting machine featured flat applicators. “The new machine features redesigned C-shape applicators that better conform to the natural curves of the body,” continues Dr. Patel.
In addition, Dr. Patel says, “The cooling panels on the new applicators are 18% larger, targeting more fat than the older applicators.” Furthermore, the next-generation machine allows two applicators to be used during a single treatment. The original CoolSculpting machine supported only one applicator per treatment. “With the new CoolSculpting Elite,” says Dr. Patel, “we can freeze double the fat in half the time.”
With the new applicators, CoolSculpting Elite becomes the only FDA-cleared treatment to eliminate fat in nine different areas. These areas include the chin and jawline areas, abdomen, thighs, flanks, back fat, bra fat, the upper arms, and underneath the buttocks.
For men and women interested in learning more about the new and improved fat reduction treatment, Dr. Patel invites them to visit Skin Suite RX online or call (909) 902-1988 to schedule a free consultation.
Source: Skin Suite RX