Cool, Comfortable, and Optically Clear Mask By Omni Labs Protects With 99.997% Filtration

OmniMask integrates best-in-class breathing and an industry-leading 99.997% filtration efficiency into a clear mask. It’s cool, comfortable to wear, and easily accommodates eyewear. To support workplace requirements and redundancy during an emergency, OmniMask also works with N95, P100, and other specialty filters offered by global brands 3M and Honeywell.
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Developed with U.S. Naval Academy Faculty
To bring the project to fruition, Omni Labs collaborated with faculty at the U.S. Naval Academy. In addition to helping refine military-specific needs, this collaboration helped produce rapid prototypes using leading-edge additive manufacturing capabilities.
“OmniMask is a really novel and powerful design,” explained Dr. Brad W. Baker, Associate Professor, US Naval Academy, CAPT USN. “We quickly realized that its next-level comfort, breathability, clarity, and filtration would provide meaningful protection aboard ship and other close quarters.”
“We appreciate the support and additive manufacturing capabilities of the U.S. Naval Academy. Their contributions enabled extremely rapid prototyping and testing, which cut years from the project,” states Marc Lurie, Omni Labs CEO.
Dual One-Way Airflows & 99.997% Filtration
To increase breathability and cool the interior, OmniMask utilizes dual one-way airflows that draw fresh air across the cheeks to evaporate moisture and cool the capillaries. This dual flow also routes exhaled warm air outside of the mask by the shortest route possible. Dual airflows are only half of the cooling equation. OmniMask also utilizes E100 filters that offer better and cooler breathing than traditional N95 filters, while still achieving an industry-leading 99.997% or better viral and bacterial filtration efficiency.
Protects Others
Along with inhale filtration, OmniMask protects others from a potentially pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic wearer by filtering exhaled air to the same 99.997% standard.
Truly Fog-Free Eyewear
Its unique design, silicone face seal, and military-grade anti-fog coating means the end of fog-blurred eyewear. As proof of performance, the company has released this video.
Summary of Features:
·      Clear face 
·      99.997% or better filtration efficiency
·      Filter material independently tested by Nelson Labs in compliance with ASTM-F2101 and FDA good manufacturing practice regulations
·      Dual one-way airflows
·      Keeps eyewear fog-free
·      Exhale filter
·      Supports N95 and P100 filters
·      Silicone face seal 
·      Replaceable filters
·      Dishwasher safe 
·      Ultralight 5oz
·      Medical-grade materials
·      Made in the USA
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About Omni Labs LLC
Founded by an award-winning design team, Omni Labs develops personal protection equipment. Our flagship product, OmniMask, combines industry-leading breathability and comfort with a clear face and 99.997% filtration. The eyewear-friendly result is ultralight and dishwasher safe. We perform all design and manufacturing in the USA to ensure quality, create jobs, and maintain availability during national emergencies.
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