Controlled Products Systems Group Welcomes Scott Rosenbloom

Controlled Products Systems Group (CPSG), the leading nationwide distributor of perimeter access control products, has welcomed industry veteran Scott Rosenbloom to lead as Product Manager for the anti-ram barrier and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) markets.
“Our customers across the country are increasingly tasked with keeping our country’s most critical infrastructure, workplaces, and public spaces safe and secure from vehicle-based threats. When the stakes are high, our installing dealers need to know they have industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience to rely on,” said Brendan Lyons, President of Controlled Products Systems Group.
Rosenbloom brings over 40 years of industry experience implementing HVM solutions to solve his clients’ unique needs, ranging from securing military bases from vehicle-based intrusion to safeguarding auto dealerships’ inventories from theft. Rosenbloom is an industry veteran with a long track record of securing our communities, businesses, facilities and everything in between.
“We are committed and dedicated to providing our customers looking to expand their businesses with an even broader range of products across our 36-branch footprint.” said Ken Sittman, Director of Operations for Controlled Products Systems Group. “With Scott’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the anti-ram barrier and HVM space, he is uniquely positioned to lead our company’s growth within this market segment and provide training and support for our dealers.”
Anti-ram barrier and HVM products from various manufacturers are available for purchase at any CPSG location. Visit for more information.
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