Continuity Programs Launches a New Podcast for Business and Leadership Inspired Listeners

Mike St. John, Continuity Programs’ Product Marketing Manager, will host a new weekly podcast called “When the Shitzu Hits the Fan” that will air on Alexa, Spotify, and all other major podcast channels. St. John will interview guest speakers to include business, military, marketing, and sales leaders from all over the country. Its purpose will be to provide useful tools and expertise to help listeners grow their businesses through successful leadership and marketing practices.
St. John, a graduate of Western Michigan University (BBA) and Walsh College (Master of Science in Information Technology), was previously a First Sergeant in the U.S. military where he trained, advised, and prepared 100 soldiers for missions as well as worked on the maintenance and security of a Combat Out Post for 75 soldiers. He also served in Iraq in 2008 and in Afghanistan in 2012 and was selected to represent the Michigan National Guard in Liberia in 2015. These roles gave him extensive, firsthand leadership and operations experience as well as in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity and systems management. He went on to start a few successful businesses of his own before landing his most current position at Continuity Programs in July of this year.
The first episode will go live on December 3 and will feature Continuity Programs’ CEO, Kirk King, who will share his impressive knowledge of all things marketing and CRM as well as the exciting period of growth and expansion that is currently underway.
King and Continuity Programs are active members in the Mortgage Bankers Association, Michigan Bankers Association, Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association, and Women’s Council of Realtors. King served on the board of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Detroit Chapter with the role of Learning Chair for 2018. King also served as the Secretary (2015), Treasurer (2016), Vice President (2017), and President of the Southeast Chapter of the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association (2018). He is a distinguished speaker and has been invited to speak at numerous conferences over the years.
For more information or to submit a topic for consideration, contact Mike St. John directly, 248.896.6031 or
Source: Continuity Programs, Inc