Considering Your Legacy

iQuanti: A legacy is usually defined as the material wealth or possessions that someone bequeaths after their passing, but it means so much more than that. We all hope to live full lives that are rich with relationships, creativity, productive work, and much more. And when we pass on, all that doesn’t just go away — depending on your actions, your impact can live on and inspire many others. It’s never too soon to think about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind — financial or otherwise.
Financial impact
You can use your money to create a lasting impact, not just on the lives of the ones you love but also for charities and organizations that mean a lot to you. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your assets are well-used after your passing. You may want to make a will and an estate plan, and speak to lawyers who can help ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and — when the time comes — executed properly. The other aspect is making responsible financial decisions during your lifetime. Saving and investing wisely can help ensure you have funds to pass on. You may also choose to get a permanent life insurance policy, like universal life insurance or whole life insurance, to ensure you can leave something to your dependents or an organization you care about after you pass. 
Personal relationships
Think of a friend or family member that you’ve lost. What do you remember most about them? You probably think of the quality time you spent with them and what you loved about their personalities. There’s no substitute for being a kind and trustworthy friend and a loving parent or sibling. These are the relationships that matter in the end, so make time to connect with the ones you love. 
Community outreach
Helping your community goes beyond offering financial support. Volunteering at community centers or charitable organizations can be a big part of your legacy. Many nonprofits can benefit from your time and effort as much as funds. Volunteering is also an incredible way to meet and connect with new people.
Artistic and professional endeavors
For some people, their legacy is something impactful that they’ve poured their energy and passion into. This could be a business you created that will continue to employ people after you’ve gone or it could also be a creative project such as a book you wrote or artwork you created that touched and inspired people. So don’t dismiss the time you spent on creative pursuits or a business idea that meant a lot to you. Ultimately, the things you create may just live on as part of your legacy.
Source: iQuanti