Compsys, Inc. Announces Second Shift It Kicked Off in Early November to Keep Up With Increased Demand

Compsys, Inc. kicked off a second shift in early November for the first time since 2008, demonstrating growth and commitment to its customers. The second shift was needed to keep up with increased post-pandemic product demand and maintain on-time deliveries. Compsys’ customers asked it to increase quantities, and it took immediate action. Antony Ryans, Compsys Production Manager, stated, “The addition of a second shift allows for growth within our customer base. This growth brings job stability and opportunities to promote from within.”
Caryl Presnell, Compsys Human Resources Manager, and Ryans worked tirelessly to staff this shift.  As the company continues to grow, the shift will also grow.  Crystal Jacoby, Chief Operations Officer, stated that many factors keep the second shift successful. “We promote from within, so everyone in a leadership role has worked firsthand in various production departments. In addition to production roles, our second shift supervisor has a maintenance background, which satisfies any equipment issues. Our entire leadership team is doing a wonderful job supporting this transition.”
Compsys has always strived to provide quality products and unbeatable customer service. Managing growth is key to this, and a second shift is ideal for a more cost-effective increase in productivity. Jeremy Petrie, Compsys Second Shift Lead, said, “It is a way to be more versatile in keeping up with the volume of parts to produce that can’t be done with only one shift. It allows employees to have more family/downtime away from the stress of trying to meet deadlines. The second shift allows the company to save on overtime and increase morale by keeping stress levels low. From what I’ve seen in the past month of leading the second shift, it benefits everyone.”
About Compsys, Inc. 
Compsys, Inc. is a division of The Composites Company, Inc. (TCC), one of the nation’s leading composites technology development firms. TCC has three divisions: Structural Composites, Inc., Compsys, Inc., and Composites Intellectual Holdings, Inc. Compsys was founded in 1992 and manufactures its patented PRISMA® Composite Preforms.   
Source: Compsys, Inc.