Comprehensive Research Analysis by Console & Associates Sheds New Light on the Dangers Delivery Drivers Face

The world as we know it would grind to a halt if it wasn’t for delivery drivers, yet exploitation is widespread in these industries — and so is danger. When the attorneys at the personal injury law firm of Console & Associates, P.C. began to notice more delivery drivers contacting them about work-related injuries, that anecdotal observation prompted a deep dive into the data to uncover the hazards of delivery driving.
The firm pieced together data from more than a dozen research studies conducted over the span of a decade to fill in the gaps and find the implications for these essential, but often rushed and vulnerable, workers. Its findings finally put the statistics into context, highlighting just how common it is for delivery drivers to get hurt or lose their lives on the job.
In its newly published resource, which can be found at, Console & Associates, P.C. learned that delivery drivers account for more than their share of work-related fatalities and that traffic accidents aren’t the only dangers delivery drivers face.
“If you’re making a living as a delivery driver, you need to know that you could be at risk,” said Richard P. Console, Jr., founder and managing attorney of Console & Associates, P.C. “Traffic accidents, dog bites, carjackings, and other acts of violence are among the dangers delivery drivers face. Knowing these risks and what steps you can take to minimize them can help keep you safer and reduce the chances of a tragedy occurring.”
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