Community Building Through Events and Outreach Is Helping Small Businesses Establish Their Brand Identity

Building a community is one of many effective ways for small businesses to engage with their target audiences. With press release distribution on’s distribution network, inviting the public to events, conducting outreach, and sharing announcements can help small businesses get involved with local communities and work towards building their brand identity.
“When businesses work towards building a community instead of just selling products, people just don’t feel like customers — they feel like supporters,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “People are more inclined to get involved when they feel like a part of what’s going on, so it’s important to encourage that kind of interaction.”
Building a community around a business is a challenge and isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. Organizing social events are a great way to conduct community outreach; fundraising and sponsoring local sports teams or athletic events have always been a popular method for helping to popularize a local business.
Online community building is also a critical part of the process. Newsletters, social media groups, and online bulletin boards are useful when it comes to getting feedback and engaging with target audiences. Knowing their feedback matters is important to customers, and helps them develop a long-term relationship with a brand.
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