Commission Breakthrough Review – Is Commission Breakthrough A Scam? commission breakthrough | commission breakthrough review | commission breakthrough bonus | commission breakthrough scam | commission breakthrough reviews | commission breakthrough review and bonus | | Internet marketing | Affiliate marketing | Make money online http I assume you’re reading this article because you’re interested in joining the affiliate marketing bandwagon. It’s all the rage on the internet. Successful affiliate marketers earn around 100-200 dollars in a day; some of them even receive residual commission. Yes, it does pay well but only if you are working on the right marketing strategy. Now that I’ve given you sufficient reasons to start with online marketing, it’s time to understand the business model. Of course you need to go through the basics before you start making some Benjamins! There are 3 at least factions involved in this type of marketing marketing, the merchant, consumer and affiliate. In essence, the merchant is the one selling the product or service, the consumer is the buyer and you are the affiliate. Sometimes, there’s an affiliate network involved. Amazon is a popular affiliate network; they are tied with lots of merchants wanting to promote their business. Their affiliates simply choose the product or service they want to promote. Amazon will then pay the affiliate marketers all the earnings they have from the merchants they promote. It’s similar to working for a direct-selling company

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