ComCorp Announces Its First NFT Client Sati, Digital Artist and ‘Mother of TVs’

Comcorp, a Peruvian marketing agency, announces that its new unit specializing in NFTs has landed its first client, rising Russian digital artist Sati, who is getting a lot of attention in different NFT marketplaces, increasing the traded value of her digital art to almost 6 Ethereum – over USD22K – in the last month.   
“Last November, different companies were asking us about what to do around Metaverse. We even have a Roblox project which is still on standby until next March. Also, I read that NFT Artists were struggling to get a well-done PR campaign, so it was decided that Comcorp will venture into the Metaverse. Two weeks later, Sati, a rising Russian digital artist, chose us to be her MKT agency. We are thrilled because she is an amazing digital artist with a strong community and a sold-out frenzy every week,” comments Arturo Collahuazo, Director of Comcorp.
Sati is a self-taught artist who brings bytes of her life and opinions in digital form and minted on the Ethereum network. Her latest collection revolves around portraying subjects with TV heads. Why? Here is Sati in her own words:
“I just don’t like to draw faces! (Joke). I cannot give a clear answer to this question. Before creating a collection I thought about an idea for a long time. I chose TVs, especially old ones, because of their retro aesthetic. Also, they remind me of my childhood. If we are talking about the concept of ‘TV heads’, this is just a hilarious interpretation of how the media (including the internet) affects us.”
She joined the NFT community in mid-August 2021, in a difficult time in her life. As soon as she joined, she noticed that people liked her stuff and that her art was appreciated and supported, changing completely not only her financial situation but also her perception of her own work. “My life has changed in one month. Not only thanks to the money that I received through my art, but also thanks to the love and support of the people in this community,” said Sati.
Sati has a lot of goals for the future. One of them is to finish her next collection of “TV Obsession” that will be out next week. In addition, because the NFT community has helped her so much, she wants to give something back, so she hopes that in the future she can open her own NFT gallery to show not only her work but also to give more exposure to new independent artists. 
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