Comarch Inc. Named Sponsor at The Knowledge Group’s Event “e-Invoicing to the Rescue: Ensuring Business Continuity in Uncertain Times,” on 5/13/2020

About Comarch Inc.
For 26 years Comarch has helped major brands around the world reach higher productivity by implementing innovative IT solutions. With 6500 experts, 56 subsidiaries and affiliates in 100 countries, Comarch has the proprietary software along with the expertise to help your organization reach the next level.

Regardless of the size or technical maturity of your company, Comarch e-Invoicing is a powerful and comprehensive product that both streamlines and automates all of your AP/AR invoicing processes to enable a secure and highly efficient document exchange with all of your business partners and clients. Created to address the challenges of the ongoing digital transformation, it is fully compliant with the latest legal regulations and modern standards for data transfer.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact a growing number of countries around the globe, business leaders are trying to find ways to mitigate business disruption. One of the key areas that should be given significant attention is invoice management. Companies need to implement a practical strategy that will ensure uninterrupted processing of payments without compromising the health and safety of their employees.

In these days of uncertainty, businesses can rely on electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) for prompt processing of invoices while minimizing the risk to employees’ health. e-Invoicing not only allows for significant reduction of manual paper procedures, but also decreases errors and facilitates simple invoice creation and payment monitoring.

Listen as a panel of distinguished thought leaders and professionals organized by The Knowledge Group provide an in-depth analysis of the latest e-Invoicing trends and developments which companies can integrate into their business continuity strategy. Speakers will touch on a number of e-Invoicing topics and offer helpful insights on how to maximize the potential of e-Invoicing to survive today and thrive in the future.

Key topics include:
• Business Disruption in Light of COVID-19
• e-Invoicing and Business Continuity
• Recent e-Invoicing Trends and Developments
• Essentials of an Effective e-Invoicing Platform
• The Shift to e-Invoicing: Best Strategies

About The Knowledge Group
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