Colorado Hospice Discusses What To Expect From Pediatric Hospice Care

KidsCare of the Rockies, a Colorado pediatric hospice, recently published a blog discussing what to expect from pediatric hospice care. Understanding what to expect from hospice care can help families ensure that their loved ones receive the right support and ease confusion during a difficult time.

Pediatric hospice care aims to help children facing life-limiting illnesses and their families remain as comfortable as possible when curative treatments have been halted. Hospice care teams, which consist of doctors, nurses, child life specialists, counselors, and more, provide care in the child’s home to allow them to remain in familiar surroundings. Families can work with the care team to adjust the child’s treatment plan as necessary. During the hospice period, family remembers receive their own resources and support to help them cope. Children who receive hospice care sometimes see their conditions improve during this period, though recovery is not necessarily the goal of hospice care services.

Hospice care is made up of several services that, when combined, can improve a child’s quality of life and allow them to retain some independence while receiving medical care. The child’s physical needs will be attended to in the form of pain management medication, light exercise, physical or occupational therapy, and/or massages. They and their families will also receive mental health counseling and spiritual counseling, if requested, to help them process their feelings and find peace. Other forms of therapy, such as music, play, and art therapy groups, can provide needed social interaction and mental health support. Family members who have questions or need the help of an intermediary in communicating with doctors can rely on the hospice care team to provide valuable information and advocate for the family and child’s best interests.

Speak with KidsCare of the Rockies for more information about pediatric hospice care. Each family at KidsCare receives a personalized care plan for their loved one, with specially trained doctors, nurses, counselors, and other medical professionals and volunteers available to support their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. KidsCare can be contacted online at or by phone at 303-416-6377. The organization is headquartered at 750 W. Hampden Ave., Suite 280, Englewood, CO 80110.