Cognitus Announces Partnership With Natuvion for Custom Data Migration

In the ever-evolving digital transformation, there is an increasing number of businesses that feel that their ERP software is not able to match the pace of their rapid growth. Therefore, their transition to the latest SAP version is the next logical step. However, the global expert community for SAP System Landscape Optimization (SLO) establishes common standards, methods and processes for a reliable and proven migration approach to S/4HANA. Here is where a bottleneck of doubts and worries begin: since not many companies can ensure these crucial standards, there is a magnified risk of losing critical production data,
To mitigate this risk, Cognitus is glad to team up with Natuvion, guaranteeing a unique transition method that is both safe and has one of the fastest execution times in the market. Known for their extensive experience in helping companies through the entire Transformation & Data Privacy journey, Natuvion is a prestigious member of the SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement and one of the only four partners certified by SAP to provide the service.
Integrating Natuvion’s toolset to Cognitus’ Gallop Portfolio for accelerated S/4HANA transformation means that customers in the SAP and non-SAP ecosystem can now move their ERP not only in the most secure and flexible manner but also in as early as 120 days. With this, the carve-outs can be implemented on the most granular level; businesses will have the option to select the instance or the data they want to move, preserve current functionalities that they prefer to keep while leveraging the superior capabilities of S/4HANA. In a nutshell, Gallop Deployment powered by Natuvion will simultaneously enable optimization of the customer’s entire system landscape and ensure a transition approach that meets their time and budget goals.
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About Cognitus  
Named in 2020’s INC list of fastest growing companies in North America, Cognitus Consulting is an SAP Gold Partner that implements, deploys, sells, and supports SAP solutions, in addition to building apps in the SAP ecosystem. A world leader in the S/4HANA Movement, its Gallop portfolio focuses on S/4HANA assessments, factory delivered migrations from legacy systems, and guided outcomes for specific business process improvements.
About Natuvion
Also featured in the Inc. 5000 list, Natuvion is one of the fastest growing IT consulting companies in Europe. Their “relocation services” include data migration, transformation, quality, integration, privacy, security, and governance. They are a founding member of the new SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement Community.
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