Codiant’s New Telemedicine App Development Solution to Help Hospitals Address COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, healthcare systems and hospitals are deploying telemedicine solutions to provide acute care to those with chronic conditions. Though, technology cannot solve every problem posed by this novel coronavirus but it can be a crucial tool to cover a host of concerns like saving other patients exposure to the virus, shielding the hospital’s own medical staff, and areas such as infection control.

In response to COVID-19 outbreak, Codiant- a leading telemedicine app development company’s -product “TeleDocto” is helping healthcare organizations, hospitals, and caregivers with online appointment scheduling, video consultations, multiway video calling, secure messaging and several other features like EMR integration, integrated billing, among others.

With the increasing number of patients diagnosed with coronavirus, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health agencies are urging hospitals to expand their use of telemedicine in their clinical settings as well as to monitor patients at their homes.

In addition, The World Health Organization (WHO), which declared COVID-19 a global public health emergency in January, recommended healthcare organizations to consider using telemedicine to evaluate suspected cases of COVID-19 disease, thus minimizing the need for the individuals to go to healthcare facilities for evaluation.

Taking this into account and in conjunction with the need of hour coming from the global pandemic, Codiant is encouraging healthcare professionals to take the maximum advantage of this technology and avoid the waiting rooms to get crowded and provide remote care programs, thereby keeping patients at home and preventing the disease to spread more.

TeleDocto, Codiant’s telemedicine solution is also a viable option for patients who are medically stable and not in the need for immediate examination.

Hospitals with the limited telehealth infrastructure should keep telemedicine products like TeleDocto in the first line of defense to battle with this unprecedented contagion and screen patients remotely without requiring them to visit a hospital.

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