CoD MW3 – Free 10th Prestige Lobby!

Hey I Will Be Hosting Free MW3 Lobbies On PS3 and XBOX360 If You Want To Get In Subscribe To This Channel + Like Now visit: You can found there my PSN + GT. Add me i accept you and you join into CL this night. Lobbys Include – All titles & emblems (all challenges completed) – All gun camo’s & attachments. To Get Invited Follow these steps: 1. Rate this video thumbs up. 2. Download file from here: 3. Copy my address from notebook and send me a message titled: INVITE MW3 In the body type: I want invite, and I have a PS3 or XBOX360, my gamer tag: “your tag” 4. Do not send me 10 messages, do not spam, make sure that the contents of an e-mail typed the correct data. Mods Include 1.Tenth prestige 2.All challenges, titles, Emblems(including the spinning tenth fully unlocked), all weapons and attachments. 3.Leaberboards-Set your own stats with the in game menu 4.Colored Class names 5.Chrome guns Infections Include(All of these work while your in the lobby or in private match) 1.Real Time UAV(not working until further notice) 2.AIM Bot(not working until further notice) 3.Nukes in care package(not working until further notice) 4.Increased Melee Distance(must have host) 5.Cartoon mode 6.God mode(not working until further notice) 7.Wall hack(not working until further notice) 8.All weapons automatic 9.Force host(not working until further notice) 10.Steady Aim 11.Gravity 12.Predator martyrdom 13.Knock back 14.Stopping Power 15.Floating objects and more