CNC Industry Professional Carlos Castro to Head Starrag’s New Sales Office in Mexico

Starrag North America has opened an office in the central Mexican region of Queretaro, which is the heart of that country’s aerospace and automobile manufacturing industries.
“With the dynamic growth and development of these two industries, Mexico is establishing itself as a center for advanced manufacturing, engineering, design and development of strategic value to the global aerospace and automotive industries,” said Carlos Castro, the regional sales manager who is heading up the Queretaro sales office.
The automotive sector in Mexico expects 2021 growth to be between 12% and 24% from the production and export of light vehicles to the manufacture of auto parts and components, according to the Oradel Industrial Center in Nueve Laredo, Mexico.
Similar to the United States, these two manufacturing sectors are strategic because of their growth potential, their contributions to technological development and for their export capabilities. In 2019, Mexico exported $9.5 billion worth of aerospace products, according to the Federacion Mexicana de la Aerospacial, making it the 12th largest aerospace manufacturer in the world. Exports include engines, landing gear assemblies, turbines, electrical systems and more.
Starrag is a major global producer of CNC machining centers for these two sectors.
“After establishing our business throughout North America and continue to do so by pursuing the ‘Starrag 2021′ program, now is the time for us to expand our focus and growth in Mexico,” said Udo Herbes, Managing Director for Starrag North America. “Our new office in Queretaro will provide our customers and prospects with a local office to liaise with on a regular basis.”
Castro believes that with the implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Free Trade Agreement, there are greater opportunities to enhance growth in Mexico that will benefit both the United States and Canada.
Queretaro was chosen by Starrag for many reasons:
•         It has 45 industrial parks
•         It is home to 80 aerospace companies
•         26 TR1 and TR2 manufacturing companies
•         2 OEM’s
•         12 design & engineering centers
•         More than 8 000 employees in the aerospace sector
•         More than 300 companies in the automotive industry
•         More than 41.000 jobs in the automotive sector
•         A strong locally-created supply chain
Castro has more than 25 years’ professional experience in the CNC Industry, including experience as a CNC programmer/ machinist/ setups, application engineering, cutting tools, sales and managing direction.
“The immediate objective is the formal reconnection with my network of contacts for Starrag,” said Castro. “My long-term goal is to consolidate Starrag Mexico as a powerful player in the Mexican market of the machine tools, to build lasting relationships with existing Starrag customers and with distributors.”
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