Clubhouse app survey: entrepreneurs are considering possible scenarios for using the app, but half of users express concern about the loss of a sense of exclusivity

Key findings of the Clubhouse 2021 phenomena study:
1. Entrepreneurs are actively studying the new format. The most extensive audience of Clubhouse is top managers and company executives. Entrepreneurs are the most active users of the app — 35% of them spend more than half an hour in the app, while only 23% of executives do the same.
2. The audience came to listen to celebs, but those who remained to chat were entrepreneurs and creative professionals. The majority of the respondents consider the opportunity not to speak out, but to listen to experts as the dominant reason for joining Clubhouse. In terms of breakdown by occupation, managers and top management reacted to celebs (72%) and expertise unavailable elsewhere (32%). Entrepreneurs and creative professionals considered the application as an opportunity for informal communication, promotion, interaction with a foreign audience.
3. 50% of users express concern about the loss of a sense of exclusivity. Regarding the possible future reasons for the decline in the popularity of Clubhouse, the respondents name the possible decrease of the quality of content and the sense of exclusivity fading away. 
4. Only one in five people is concerned about cybersecurity issues. For the majority of the audience the substantive dissatisfaction is associated with the poor quality of speakers and moderation. However, most Clubhouse fans (32%) cited a lack of understanding of how to monetize the app as the main cause of concern. 
5. Most are ready to listen, but not ready to create any content. Active users are widely considering possible scenarios for using Clubhouse in business. 53% of respondents saw Clubhouse as an alternative to radio stations and podcasts, and 45% — to online conferences. While the vast majority of the least active audience (64%) considers Clubhouse as an opportunity to distract themselves from their routines and listen to experts, the app fans look at the possible areas of using Clubhouse much wider. 
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Source: Sensemakers