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For more details try it for free at Our Mission CloudZow’s mission is to provide leading edge technology to personal computer users everywhere and utilize the power and resources of the Internet to protect and maximize their information exchange. Our Solution The power of the personal computer has enabled millions of people to hold, in their hands, the capability of mainframe computers from days past. Commercial data centers provide safety nets for the data of large companies, but home and small business computers have not had these necessary safeguards to protect them from the loss of their important information and precious memories. The Cloud can provide the ability for these unprotected users to have their valuable data backed up automatically, in the background, to highly secured servers for safe retrieval when needed. CloudZow offers a service to protect this user data with automated online backups at a price competitive with a marketplace currently dominated by companies such as Carbonite, Mozy, MyPC Backup, ZipCloud, JustCloud, BackBlaze, SOS, and others. These companies charge from $5 to $10, or more, per month to backup each computer and offer a limited set of features. CloudZow provides unlimited data backup with secured file retrieval and access from any computer or mobile device, works on both Windows and MAC computers, backs up 30 versions of each file, and offers live product support – for $5 a month per computer