Cliquify Announces Samsung, Fitbit, Comcast Executives Have Joined the Disruptive Recruitment Marketing Tech Venture’s Advisory Board

Cliquify announces its advisory board of industry-leading global executives and influencers to fuel its product vision and hypergrowth. In an ever-competitive world for niche skills, there is tremendous pressure on brands to differentiate across social networks to attract talent. Cliquify enables organizations to build, mobilize, influence, and analyze their employer brand across social media channels to attract more relevant and diverse candidates at the job level.
The advisory board members bring deep domain expertise in alignment with this overarching mission.
“I believe with Cliquify’s innovative social marketing HR tool, companies can now leverage centralized functions to completely embrace being a brand ambassador.” – Nileem Jani, Marketing Executive – Samsung Mobile
“Cliquify has tremendous potential to improve matching talent to the right roles and how it can make candidate selection more effective.” – Jaison Williams, Global VP of Talent – Fitbit
“Cliquify brings a unique perspective on helping businesses recruit the best talent and can help companies ensure a diverse talent pool leveraging their unique technology platform. As an executive who has been focused on employee recruitment and engagement in this new work-from-home environment this past year, I’m looking forward to helping Cliquify maximize its effectiveness in this new normal of virtual recruiting.” – Dennis Mathew, Senior VP – Comcast.
“I joined the Cliquify team because I love the idea of giving candidates, and those that market to candidates, a visual representation of a job ad before spending time consuming a 3,500-word job description. Candidates can quickly see if a job seems like a fit or not. I simply love that.” William Tincup, President –
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Source: Cliquify Inc.