ClinicTracker EHR Announces a Major Redesign of Its Patient Portal

ClinicTracker, the complete EHR solution for mental health and substance abuse agencies, announces a major redesign of its Patient Portal.
ClinicTracker’s Patient Portal 2.0 has a modern, appealing interface that guides clients to the information relevant to their care. The screens are more simple, responsive, and organized than the previous version.
The responsiveness of the Patient Portal is also a priority for this new version, as more and more clients manage their healthcare from mobile devices.
Clients currently use the Patient Portal to complete their initial registration, schedule appointments, submit forms, communicate with providers, make payments, join telehealth sessions, access educational resources, and more. Providers benefit from options that simplify the office workflow and improve client engagement.
The enhanced Patient Portal 2.0 experience includes:
“We’ve redesigned the Patient Portal with one thing in mind: the tens of thousands of patients that use it. We wanted to make it easier, faster, and more convenient for clients to access their records and ensure they feel more connected to their treatment team,” said Joshua Gordon, President of ClinicTracker.

ClinicTracker is an integrated EHR, billing, and practice management system that streamlines everything from intake to discharge. The software automates clinic workflows, boosts staff productivity, increases billing efficiency, and improves client engagement. The company provides clinics the ultimate tool to efficiently manage a large practice, coupled with the expert guidance of their industry experts. Headquartered in Central New York for the last 21 years, ClinicTracker is committed to delivering quality software and exceptional support for patients and practitioners.
Source: ClinicTracker