Cline’s State of The Dive Industry Sentiment Study Now Available

Cline’s State of The Dive Industry Sentiment Study Now Available.
The global scuba diving industry is seeing massive changes and it started well before this current global pandemic. There are changes in training, dive vacation habits and gear purchasing patterns that all point to seismic shifts in the dive consumer base. This survey is looking for the industry’s assessment of where dive business, instructors, manufacturers, resorts and can do to change some of the trends emerging.

A total of 325 dive business responded to this survey from over 47 countries, generating 1,236 open ended responses. The questions touched some nerves and opinions were offered. Some negative, positive and everywhere in between. There is quantifiable data, that is what the majority said, but the true value of this survey is in what one person said that no one else thought of – or that unique perception that might change the way we think about some ‘gold standards’ in our industry.

We were surprised at many of the comments and responses. Some of you wrote hundreds of words, others just one. But the nature of this kind of sentiment survey is just that – ‘opinion’ and a test our temperature as an industry while we ‘reboot’ our businesses in many cases, as a result of the COVID shutdown. That is a common theme, the entire world was and is negatively affected so for a moment, we are all in the same boat as an industry.

That moment of reflection is what makes this survey unique as we all stopped to think of our companies’ and our personal futures in this industry post-COVID. We have yet to even pass the half-way mark globally on any sort of recovery. In fact, many companies are literally treading water hoping to open or stay open in many cases to generate some revenue.

There were only four questions asked:

Q1) BEFORE the current COVID pandemic, what did you perceive was the number one threat to your dive business, regardless if it’s internal within the industry or external?
313 Responses Received
Q2) What do you think we should, as an industry, do to help curb, change or reverse this problem?
311 Responses Received
Q3) How do you think, we as an industry, can attract more people to the sport?
309 Responses Received
Q4) What do you think is the best way to bring inactive divers back to the sport?
303 Responses Received

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