Clearsulting Partners With Strive for College to Mentor Underserved Youth

Clearsulting has partnered with Strive for College, a non-profit organization that facilitates mentoring for high school and college students, to invest in the personal and professional growth of underserved youth and first-generation college students. Clearsulting team members around the globe now have the opportunity to participate in year-round, one-on-one, virtual mentoring for students with financial need to assist them in the college application process, financial aid application process, and/or graduation and career discernment.

Strive has been helping students graduate high school and apply to college since 2007. In 2020, Strive expanded their mentorship model to include matching mentors with students in college and helping them graduate and identify career opportunities. All Strive students have financial need, with 69% of students coming from households earning less than $48,000 in annual income and 46% of students coming from households with less than $30,000 in annual income. Strive supports a diverse student population; 85% of Strive students are young people of color. Strive’s homegrown platform, UStrive, will allow mentees to efficiently and safely communicate one-on-one with Clearsulting team members while also providing the flexibility for the students and mentors to meet on a customized basis. Ultimately, Clearsulting’s primary objective by serving Strive students is to help place them in a position to succeed. 

This partnership was organized by Clearsulting Cares, an internal committee which coordinates Clearsulting’s pro-bono and volunteer initiatives. The Clearsulting Cares leadership team is confident that through this partnership, Clearsulting team members across the world can make an impact. Furthermore, Clearsulting’s five core values – grit, growth mindset, joy, accountability, and teamwork – align with Strive’s mission, building a firm foundation for the partnership.

Hudson Ozello, a Senior Digital Analyst and Clearsulting Cares Lead, is thrilled about the partnership. He explains, “Each of us at Clearsulting can pinpoint one or two people who truly invested in us and helped get us to where we are today. For me, it was my parents. For others, a teacher who believed in them, a tutor who pushed them, a coach who wouldn’t let them give up. If we can make that impact in the life of just one student through this partnership, then I’d call this a success.”

Director of Partnerships at Strive, Christa Bennett, is excited for the skills and energy that Clearsulting will bring to Strive Students. Bennett says, “One of the most important features of the Strive model is connecting students with people successful in their careers, who can help students identify their own college and career goals – and how to get there. As we aim for creating more equitable workforces, helping diverse students access mentoring and professional opportunities at companies like Clearsulting is crucial.”


About Strive for College: Strive provides high school and college students with free online mentoring to help them get to college, graduate, and begin their careers. Strive is the only college access and persistence non-profit serving students in all 50 states.
Source: Clearsulting