Clear Brilliance explains the benefits of frameless glass pool fencing

Australia has famously strict laws surrounding pool fencing to protect children and pets from entering pool areas unsupervised and potentially being harmed. When choosing pool fencing, Australians do not need to choose between safety and style. Pool fencing experts Clear Brilliance, explain why frameless glass pool fencing is the best choice for every pool area.
Last year, there were over 200 deaths due to drowning in Australia; many of these were in backyard pools. Glass pool fencing works to reduce this number and keep children and pets safe around pools. Clear Brilliance explains that not only is glass extremely durable, but it can’t be climbed over or slipped through the way other types of fencing can. It provides the ultimate protection against accidents and drowning.
While other fences require time, energy and money to remain in tip top condition, maintaining glass fences is a breeze. Glass pool fences require very little maintenance and upkeep. Clear Brilliance recommends EnduroShield Glass Protection, the best quality protective coating for glass panels. Not only does EnduroShield make it easier to clean glass fencing and frameless glass balustrades, but it ensures they stay cleaner for longer.
Unlike aluminium or steel fencing, glass fencing is not susceptible to rust, erosion, or heat-related deterioration. Glass panels are known to withstand the test of time as well as harsh weather conditions and repeated use. Clear Brilliance explains that glass is resistant to chlorinated chemicals, meaning chlorine-based pool water won’t have a harmful effect on it the way it would on aluminium or steel. This is also great for glass balustrade stairs that see a lot of foot traffic and handling.
Glass fencing looks great in every pool area. It also gives homeowners a clear, unimpeded view into the pool area, meaning children and pets can be easily supervised. Accidents can be quickly and easily spotted through the glass panels so parents or pet owners can provide assistance immediately.
From safety to aesthetics, there are a variety of reasons glass pool fencing stands out as the superior pool fencing choice. Get in touch today with Clear Brilliance, the experts in frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne-wide, for the highest quality glass fencing available.
Source: Clear Brilliance