Claudia Bartra Announced as Shareholder Ambassador for Anchor Bank

Claudia Bartra has been named as one of Anchor Bank’s brand ambassadors. Bartra will represent the bank’s mission and identify relevant shareholders and individuals to enhance business clusters in the community. Specifically, Bartra will expand activities in Palm Beach’s Hispanic community and develop business strategies for the bank that attract more clients in the area. Anchor Bank is responsible for this press release. 
Bartra’s persistence and savvy business skills have earned her significant recognition in her community. Bartra has served as CFO of La Granja restaurants, a Peruvian restaurant chain with over 50 locations. La Granja was recognized as the best woman-owned Peruvian restaurant in 2016 by Corporate Vision. Bartra has also been honored as Bank of America and Latin Style Magazine’s Hispanic Woman of Distinction in 2015, 2016 Woman of Worth, and the Top 100 Registry 2021 Woman of the Year. Learn more at
Alongside her duties as an ambassador and a CFO, Bartra heavily supports educational charity causes such as ASPIRA, a youth organization that assists Latin and Puerto Rican children and adolescents. A graduate of a Hospitality Administration and Management program, Bartra highly values access to education for students, winning an honor in 2015 for being a “strong advocate and supporter of children’s educational issues both in the United States and her homeland in Peru.” Bartra and La Granja have also provided scholarships to students attending Palm Beach State College. When giving advice to young and eager future businessmen and women, Bartra says that “They have to take pride [in their] job. Do it with love and passion. Everything is always possible. Be persistent and have a lot of discipline.”
In 2019, Bartra founded Life Gaines Medical and Aesthetics Center alongside Dr. Richard Gaines and Amy Steffey to promote age management to both men and women. Life Gaines aims to help people of South Florida to live happier, healthier lives through a variety of treatment plans, from stem cell therapy, hormone replacement, rejuvenation treatments, to body contouring and more.
Anchor Bank, a privately held community bank in the Miami-Dade and Palm Beach communities, recently merged with Home Federal Bank of Hollywood in 2021. The merger combined $217 million in assets and brought Anchor Bank’s presence to Broward County. The decision also furthers their 1800-day Strategic Plan to strengthen its presence in Florida’s financial world. Current locations include Lake Worth, Boca Raton, Hallandale Beach, Coral Gables, and Palm Beach Gardens. They specialize in providing clients with financial services for small to mid-sized businesses and business professionals. Also, they offer wealth management and investment services such as structured CDs, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They take a personalized approach to banking, providing flexible solutions for clients. They just celebrated their 16th anniversary in March. 
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Source: Anchor Bank