Clarity Benefit Solutions CEO Selected as Top 20 Most Innovative Business Leader

Clarity Benefit Solutions, a leading provider of employee benefit technology, today announced CEO, Bill Catuzzi, has been named one of the 20 most innovative business leaders of 2021 by Global Business Leaders Magazine.
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Global Business Leaders Magazine “focuses on exalting the contribution of leaders who have been the emissary for their respective industries.” Their 2021 Top 20 Most Innovative Leaders program highlights renowned leaders whose innovative approach and sheer determination helped their companies find success while managing through the challenges brought by this pandemic.
The full feature on Bill Catuzzi is titled, “A Visionary Leader Inspiring the Next Generation.” The article discusses Bill’s commitment to making employee benefits easy and affordable, his focus on professional excellence, the company’s people-first approach, and their drive to always be 10X smarter than the competition. Read the full article here.
Article Excerpts:
People First Approach
Since the beginning of the pandemic, companies and individuals all over the world have faced numerous challenges. Some companies were forced to shut down while others struggled to manage day-to-day operations. At the same time, companies like Clarity stood out with a strong response to the crisis. Under the leadership of Bill, the company was striving to provide as much certainty, clarity, and stability as possible.
Sharing his experiences, Bill says, “We stated up front that we would not have any lay-offs, we provided every team member with $500 to reimburse them for their home office expense, we sent COVID care packages to every employee, had monthly virtual Town Halls and team building events.”
Clarity also put its customers first. Early on in the pandemic, Clarity realized that companies needed ways to help their employees with resources outside traditional benefits. In April of 2020, Clarity introduced the Clarity Care Account – allowing employers to provide tax-free financial support to employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In July of 2020, Clarity introduced a vaccine compliance tool called SimplyWell – Vaccine Compliance. Clarity’s SimplyWell – Vaccine Compliance is a fully automated solution that records and validates vaccine and testing proof so employers remain compliant and stay current on all regulatory mandates – without burdening the HR department.
In addition to these new solutions, Clarity also created simple, online tools that allowed clients to quickly and easily take advantage of many of the regulatory changes that have occurred due to the pandemic.
10X Smarter Than the Competitor
Working in this ever-changing industry, Clarity focuses on making its products and its service better than the competitors. The innovations introduced must make big changes that disrupt the industry and take years for the competitors to catch up. At Clarity, “10 times smarter” is part of their DNA.
“I believe the convergence of artificial intelligence and access to data is going to be crucial in our industry. We plan to harness this convergence to provide our clients with solutions that simplify their decisions, provide superior customer service, and simplify every process in our industry,” said Bill Catuzzi.
About Clarity Benefit SolutionsClarity Benefit Solutions combines ingenuity and technology to create thoughtful new ways for employees to get the most from their benefits. New ways to save time and money. New ways to provide peace of mind. New ways to be Ready for Life. At Clarity, we are Simply Smarter.
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