CityHealth Expands Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

CityHealth, the leading provider of urgent care and COVID testing solutions in the San Francisco Bay area, is pleased to announce a partnership with Biomedical Center de Occidente of Puerto Vallarta, a renowned physician-owned medical center and lab located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, to offer pre-travel COVID-19 testing for U.S.-bound travelers. 
For $58, this Rapid Antigen test offers travelers a convenient, reliable, and affordable option for travel back to the USA. Travel-approved results are delivered securely to patients via email and text message within one hour of the test. 
An online appointment booking system minimizes wait times and ensures travelers don’t spend hours waiting in line or risk missing flights, a common complaint with airport testing services. 
Located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, the Biomedical facility is easily accessible from all areas of the city and close to Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport, Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, which serves most major American cities.
“We are very excited to partner with the team at Biomedical Center to offer this fast, convenient testing option. Our team has been working closely with the staff at Biomedical, who uphold the same standards of integrity, quality, and service that CityHealth represents in the U.S.,” says Sean Parkin, CityHealth CEO. “This test will return accurate travel results in one hour or less, making it an excellent option for tourists returning home from Puerto Vallarta.” 
“We’re pleased to partner with CityHealth and to offer Biomedical’s state-of-the-art lab to provide pre-travel tests. We see this as an exciting opportunity to work closely with an American healthcare organization, expand our own operations, and make a meaningful contribution to reviving the tourism industry here in Puerto Vallarta,” says Dr. Raul Morales, Biomedical Center CEO.
A team of bilingual (English and Spanish-speaking) customer service representatives from CityHealth clinics in San Francisco will be stationed in Puerto Vallarta. They will assist English-speaking patients with making appointments and answering questions about the test. In the event of a positive COVID test result, the customer service team will support patients with follow-up testing and treatment options.
Appointments are available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time and can be made at 
About CityHealth: CityHealth’s mission is to make world-class medical care more accessible, including two urgent care clinics and nine COVID test locations in San Francisco. Visit for more information or for more details about COVID testing for Mexico travel. 
About Biomedical Center: Biomedical Center is a leading provider of medical testing and services with human warmth and quality, backed by a great experienced team that uses innovation and technology. The professionals at Biomedical Center are committed to complying with honesty and responsible work, upholding the principles of quality, precision, and reliability to achieve the satisfaction of our patients. For more information, visit
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Source: CityHealth Urgent Care