Cirrus Streaming Releases Complete Podcasting Solution

Cirrus Streaming, a streaming provider for broadcasters all over the world, has recently released a complete podcast hosting, editing, monetization, and distribution suite for podcasters. Content creators can now manage all aspects of their podcast through one dashboard, allowing them to simplify and streamline their efforts. 
Podcasters can easily upload, store, and organize unlimited files as well as edit them at any time via Cirrus Streaming’s Advanced Podcast Editor. The multi-track, waveform editor allows podcasters to trim, splice, and insert segments in their audio files right from the familiar confines of their web browser—without the need to purchase and learn audio editing software.
On the monetization side, Cirrus Streaming provides a full-control ad server at no extra cost. Podcasters are able to bake commercials into their podcasts as well as digitally monetize every listener and impression with advanced targeting capabilities. This allows podcasters to really take advantage of the growing revenue opportunities in the podcasting world. According to the IAB, podcast revenue in the US alone will reach $2 billion by 2023.
Podcasters also have the ability to automatically distribute their podcasts to a number of different outlets, including Apple Podcasts. Cirrus Streaming has developed a proprietary solution that makes it quick and easy for the busy creator to syndicate their podcasts. No need to submit individual podcasts to each outlet since the Podcasting Suite takes over this daunting task. 
As an added benefit, Cirrus Streaming offers several player options podcasters can use to showcase their podcasts all in one place. The players allow for complete customization and branding, as well as digital advertising opportunities.
Not limited to podcasters, traditional broadcasters—such as terrestrial and Internet radio stations—can use Cirrus Streaming’s solution to automatically create podcasts from their live stream and take advantage of additional content consumption avenues.
Cirrus Streaming CEO, Nick Csakany, said, “With the rise in podcasting during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for content creators to take full control of their material, so we’ve taken this into consideration to provide everything they need in one place. If we can remove even one extra paid service out of the podcasting stack, we’re successfully saving podcasters time and money.”
The full Podcasting Suite is available by monthly subscription for podcasters and broadcasters with no contract requirements. 
About Cirrus Streaming: Cirrus Streaming, a service of Securenet Systems with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL USA, is a full-service content streaming provider for radio stations, broadcasters, and podcasters all over the world. With thousands of clients and listeners in every country, Cirrus Streaming consistently develops innovative solutions to help podcasters and radio stations grow and monetize their voice.
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