CIMSS Acquires RxCompli to Improve Patient Care and Quality of Life While Extending and Saving Patients Life

CIMSS has acquired RxCompli, which enables them to offer a new technology platform to physicians that ensures their patients take the right medication at the right time. This is especially important because 50% of patients do not take medications as prescribed, resulting in $100 billion of unnecessary spending and 125,000 lives lost each year, according to Duke Health. Therefore, this acquisition will help prolong lives and lower costs for the patient.
“With the acquisition of RxCompli, we can offer easily deployable technology to physicians, like the app and cloud integration, so they can be sure that their patients are taking the right medication at the right time,” says Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, MD and CEO of CIMSS. “Each physician and physician group we work with is at the center of our universe, and we believe in supporting them from beginning to end. By acquiring RxCompli, we can provide them with more support than ever before.”
“We are very excited to see the impact our technology will have,” says Sreenivasan Narayanan, CEO of RxCompli. “Dr. Chopra is an amazing physician and executive, so I have no doubt that he will take CIMSS to the next level with the help of our technology.”
About CIMSS: Since its inception in 2011, CIMSS has remained a physician-owned and directed organization with aims to improve patient outcomes for their clients and reduce unnecessary health care costs. With headquarters in Chicago, CIMSS accomplishes its goals by providing the following healthcare management solutions: strategic planning and execution; EHR management; revenue cycle management (RCM); temporary and full-time staffing; marketing and lead generation services; CRM solutions; healthcare data management; and more.
About RxCompli: RxCompli is a personalized caregiver that alerts patients to take their medications as prescribed. Patients take the right medication and at the right time with the help of our sensors, SMART app, and reporting. 
To learn more about RxCompli, click here. To learn more about CIMSS, click here.
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Source: CIMSS