CHS Provides Ideal Administrative Solutions for Medical Imaging Centers During and After the Pandemic

Under the foresight of CEO Peter Solodko, Consolidated Healthcare Services (CHS), a medical administrative management company, is providing ideal business solutions for medical diagnostic imaging centers to function productively without needing to have administrative staff on-site during and after the pandemic.
Like many other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused medical imaging centers to reduce the number of non-clinical personnel at their locations. Some employees were sent home to work, while others were furloughed or laid off. Many economists believe that working without on-site administrative staff is now the “new normal” that businesses are needing to accept.
CHS provides expert back-office management for existing medical diagnostic imaging clinics. This approach allows the centers to concentrate on their patients while CHS assures the functional efficiency of their administrative operations.
“Our business model was developed in 2004 to run virtually all administrative services for medical imaging clinics from our central office,” Peter Solodko said. “Because of COVID-19 and variants of it, keeping back-office operations out of the office has become the most productive, efficient and safe way to manage administrative services.”
CHS services includes insurance and vendor coordination, staffing and HR management, IT and legal support, third-party equipment sourcing and financing, and much more. Everything is performed from the CHS central location.
“We can manage as little or as much as each medical imaging center wants to keep its administrative operations running as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, without needing to place experienced administrative staff at the clinic’s location,” Solodko added. “This ‘new normal’ may become the preferred normal way for medical diagnostic imaging centers to do business, and CHS is proud to offer the solution.”
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Consolidated Healthcare Services (CHS) provides administrative services to diagnostic imaging facilities. Expert services include administration, human resources, transcription, finance, insurance contracting, information systems and technology, billing and collection, medical technology, and medical imaging equipment sourcing and financing. The company monitors the overall performance and operation of each medical imaging center from its one central location.
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