Christmas Day in the Arzu household – ALL cash no credit card debt for us!

Christmas in the Arzu household is plentiful and paid for in all cash! We no longer do Christmas “on credit”. Watch to see how our day went and what the most popular kids gift turned out to be. I bet you would have NEVER guessed. I still think I got a little “Scrooged” on the price…Oh and of course there’s more FOOD – think I finish my plate? Watch to find out! Below are some of my multiple streams of income that allow us to have extra cash. I bought new 32 GB ipods, Xbox games, Wii games, DS games, jewelry, gift cards, GPS and lots more. There is no need to struggle or stress you guys – just reach out for help. I can help take your business endeavors to the next level too, whether offline or online only! Join Candice and the Dream Team for Marketing and Business Development Training Here: Want to know how I fired my boss and work from home?: Please subscribe, rate, comment, share, tweet and retweet! I appreciate you all! Connect with me on FB here and ask me your most daunting health, wealth or marketing question: Or on Twitter Need some extra funds in your bank account because there’s more month at the end of your money? Here’s one of the ways I increase our wealth by working at home in my pj’s: Follow my blogs, here: And here: Drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes and improve your health and weight loss challenges here Want to watch a free video that un-complicates the

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