Christina Hendrick’s is Most Beautiful Woman! & Regurgitator on Britain’s Got Talent!

My advice show will change your life! New Episode HERE! Please Thumbs Up! Leave a comment! Tweet this to your friends! Enjoy the show! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Can you guess what are the 5 most stressful jobs in America?- how many did you get right? 2. Who is the most beautiful woman in America? 3. Are you watching Britain’s Got Talent? Who are your faves?? WATCH HERE Bonus: What number did you guess? Were you right? ______ More Web Therapy! Follow on Twitter! PS- kids Lisa Kudrow is a famous actress. Google her before I tell you off! LOL LOL LOL _____ Video topics timeline: 0:20 Most Stressful Jobs in America 0:30 Most Beautiful Woman in America 2:24 Britain’s Got Talent Review 5:30 Lisa Kudrow watched Dear Buck!!! 8:30 more BGT – topless fire lady!

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