Choosing the Right Graphics Card for Gaming

Upgrading or building a new gaming laptop, Australia? Online tech retailer PCByte says choosing the right graphics card is an important consideration, as it determines how good the graphics on the gaming laptop or PC will look.
According to PCByte, the best GPUs are manufactured by Nvidia and AMD. These innovative brands continue to launch products that take graphics to new heights. Nvidia graphics cards are widely considered to be the fastest and best, while AMD has more budget-friendly but still high-performing GPUs.    
When it comes to choosing the graphics card model for a gaming PC, the naming systems can be a bit confusing. PCByte explains that for Nvidia GPUs, the first three letters represent the generation of the product, followed by the first two digits which indicate the model number (with higher numbers signifying better models), and the last two digits represent the level, so 50s are lower end while 80s and over are the most elite levels. Some models have Ti or SUPER at the end, which essentially means better variants of the GPU. 
As for AMD graphics cards, PCByte says the model names are similar, except the first two letters signify the series and the generation number is in the middle. It is recommended that users read reviews of specific graphics cards to compare benchmarks and decide which is the best model for their gaming needs. 
To help create the best gaming laptop or gaming PC for Australia gamers, PCByte recommends knowing the preferred games and their requirements. It’s worth checking the resolution, refresh rate and ray tracing requirements for each individual game.
Gamers should also be aware of the gaming PC or laptop’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) power. If the GPU and CPU levels are not matching up, the gaming experience will be hindered by low performance and low-quality graphics, regardless of how good the GPU is. 
Other key considerations highlighted by PCByte include the required connections and ports (a feature often overlooked), as well as ensuring the computer’s power supply (PSU) can support the graphic card’s Thermal Design Power and whether the desktop case has the required space. 
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Source: PCByte