Choose the Best House Painter in San Gabriel Looking for the best house painter is as arduous as by doing it yourself. Want a fresh coat of paint on your house but tired of climbing ladders and cleaning paint residue? Here some tips on finding the best local house painter. Know what you want, the paint color and the time frame to finish the job. Do your own research on how to make estimates on painting work to give you an idea of the cost for the project. That way you will not be taken advantage by your contractor. You can ask your neighbor with good house paint on and ask who their painter is for referrals. You can also ask your contacts and network for more painter referrals. Now that you have a good number of referrals, start calling them and ask for free estimates. Make sure though that they are legitimate contractors with license and insurance, if they are not, it’s not worth doing business with them. When meeting up with your prospect contractor, observe then carefully and take note if they are knowledgeable, polite, and neat. Beware of sweet talking contractors who give false hopes and empty promises on the painting job. Ask what kind of paint they will be using on interior house painting. If they give low estimate, then it might be because the materials they will be using are substandard. Always look for quality-in materials and workmanship for your painting project. On exterior painting, beware of fly by night contractors who hire college students as part time workers. They may not have enough experience doing painting work but only accepted the work as a summer job. After studying all the estimates, go for the one that offers the most competitive price that is, using highest quality of materials at the lowest price.
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