Choice-Based Gifting Platform Loop & Tie Launches Impact Gift Collection Through Partnership With Dollar Donation Club

Leading gift engagement platform Loop & Tie announced today the launch of its new Happy Planet impact gift collection starting at a low price point of just $10. Through its partnership with Dollar Donation Club, Loop & Tie now gives 1,700+ companies that use the product the opportunity to align impact initiatives with customer and employee engagement strategies through choice-based gifting.
While the pandemic continues to change the way businesses interact with customers and employees, in 2019, North American companies spent $25.8 billion on promotional products, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. “It’s time for companies to ask if the budget spent on items costing $10 or less, like branded water bottles, mugs or pens, is giving the kind of impression that aligns with their brand strategy,” said Sara Rodell, founder and CEO of Loop & Tie. “If even 10% of this spend went towards impact initiatives like those supported by Dollar Donation Club, we could plant 10 billion trees or remove 825 million pounds of plastic from the ocean. It’s time to reconsider whether anything associated with your brand should be disposable. We invite corporate America to be more impactful and brand-aligned, no matter their budget.”
Instead of spending $10 on an undesired gift, Loop & Tie’s $10 Happy Planet collection lets companies enhance their cold outreach with a gift that stands for something. Each gift recipient can choose to plant 16 trees in Uganda, 32 trees in Tanzania or remove 2.64lbs of plastic from the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” via Dollar Donation Club. As always with Loop & Tie, the gift’s dollar amount is not a part of the recipient experience, all they see is the impact, and gift givers can track campaign engagement to understand how gifts drive a return on business goals. 
“Companies are waking up to their corporate social responsibility as consumers support brands who take ownership in creating a more equitable and sustainable future,” added Rodell. “Yet corporate social responsibility initiatives sit siloed from customer acquisition strategies when these moments are typically the first impression a prospect has with their company. The first reaction to many cold outreach campaigns often includes annoyance, a simple delete, a non-response or not even noticing. It’s exhausting to receive cold outreach, whether it’s an undesired email or branded swag. It’s demoralizing to be the person constantly getting rejected or ignored, sending people things that they don’t care about. Our Happy Planet collection helps companies make their first impression a feel-good moment, setting the foundation for lasting relationships. And it doesn’t stop with customers. Studies have shown that employees are 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work when their company participates in give-back initiatives, strengthening morale, ambassadorship and retention.”
“At Dollar Donation Club, we want to see the collective impact we can create when millions of people unify around big causes and give a little each month,” said Seth Blaustein, founder of Dollar Donation Club. “By partnering with Loop & Tie, we’re productizing impact by extending our offering into the corporate gifting space, one that has the potential to drive long-lasting change, which recipients can choose to follow. The trees are part of a broader forest garden initiative, rehabilitating land, producing organic produce that feeds hungry families and dramatically changes economic outcomes. The plastic cleanup is removing pollution from the North Pacific trash gyre (an area more than twice the size of Texas), and the plastic is recycled or processed in innovative ways, like generating renewable energy.”
Since 2011, Loop & Tie has been changing the way businesses think about gifting by disrupting the $125 billion corporate gifting industry. The choice-based gifting platform lets businesses replace the dated practice of sending the same boring, one-size-fits-all gift to everyone. The Happy Planet collection joins the family of Loop & Tie collections that are always mindful of impact. When you buy from Loop & Tie, any collection you purchase means you’re supporting small, diverse businesses, social impact-driven products and charitable causes. To date, Loop & Tie recipients have donated nearly $975,000 to 365 different charities.
“With awareness comes the responsibility to adapt our actions,” added Rodell. “As Loop & Tie grows, we’re constantly asking how we can take inspired action on our corporate social responsibility goals by offering our customers the same. While we see the most low-dollar gifting happen in demand generation campaigns, we’re excited to see the innovative ways this collection is used to drive meaningful connections beyond ABM, demand generation or customer acquisition initiatives. This new collection supports a forward-thinking breed of companies that want to make sure the way they are spending their money is aligned with their values.”
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Source: Loop & Tie