ChiroFusion Announces Launch of Dynamic EHR Dashboard

ChiroFusion, a pioneer in cloud-based EHR software for chiropractors since 2009, launches Dynamic Dashboard, the newest addition to its integrated practice management platform.
The Dynamic Dashboard is a revolutionary new concept in chiropractic EHR software that has been designed to help improve office productivity by providing chiropractors with a clear picture of their practice’s performance and shortcuts to all the work that needs to be completed.
“Our new Dynamic Dashboard allows doctors and practice administrators to track key performance measures for their practice, show them where they are succeeding, and focus their improvement efforts on the areas that matter most,” said Damon Cozamanis, CEO at ChiroFusion. “Combined with our intuitive interface and modern design, the new Dynamic Dashboard is something that truly sets us apart from our competitors. It’s a one-stop solution for accessing real-time, high-quality data.”
ChiroFusion’s Dynamic Dashboard gathers and displays important practice and provider metrics like total charges, payments, accounts receivables, no-shows, cancellations, new patient referrals, pending tasks, rejected claims, unposted payments and more.
The Dynamic Dashboard consists of three major sections:
Notifications Center: The notification center is a snapshot of all outstanding tasks and to-do items, and an enhanced two-column list of all expiring care plans and authorizations. The notifications center had been designed to help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.
Appointment Snapshot: Easily visualize and track total patient appointments seen, cancellations, no-shows, new patient referrals, appointment types, and visits by Payer.
Key Performance Indicators: To help ensure that you get paid quickly, the Dashboard includes key performance indicators like total payments, payments received, and accounts receivables so you can monitor metrics that impact the financial and operational health of your practice.
ChiroFusion’s new Dynamic Dashboard has been designed with usability in mind. It helps a practice to boost productivity and save precious time and concentrate more on patient care.
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