Chino Valley Ranchers Announces Punchy New Ad Campaign

In Chino Valley Ranchers’ latest ad – unprecedented in the egg industry – Leija appears as a boxer mid-fight, wearing trunks featuring “CVR Boxing Club, Can’t Beat Em!” on the waistband. As a battered Leija takes his corner, two hardboiled coaches step in to egg him on: “Scramble ’em up, poach ’em up good! Take this bum and serve him up over hard!” This entertaining segment wraps with a special surprise ending.
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As a leading provider of organic, free-range and pasture-raised eggs for more than 30 years, Chino Valley Ranchers has long been an innovator in the industry. It is not shy about mixing it up in the egg world, and it has done so once again with branded content that is both original and entertaining.
The concept was written and produced by Alex Ribble of Big Chief Creative Media ( and produced and directed by Tyler Wolff of WOLFFHAUS Studio & Creative (
Leija specializes in kettlebell training courses. He is one of the fastest-rising fitness influencers on the web, with nearly 1 million followers on Instagram (@primal.swoledier). Leija is now launching a workout program branded by Men’s Health.
Big Chief Creative Media is a full-service creative agency, and a long-time marketing partner to Chino Valley Ranchers.
WOLFFHAUS is a global production company known for its provocative approach to branding. The company was nominated in 2019 for the IMFA informercial of the year.
About Chino Valley Ranchers
A family-owned company founded in the 1950s, Chino Valley Ranchers is dedicated to bringing the freshest, healthiest and best-tasting eggs to your table. The Nichols family considers its chickens part of the family, and they treat them accordingly. Chino Valley Ranchers eggs are certified by American Humane and carry the American Humane Certified seal.
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Source: Chino Valley Ranchers